Graduated from the “Università di Firenze” with a 5 year degree in Architecture.
For my thesis I worked with Prof. Marino Moretti in museum design and urban
design. The theme of the thesis was “The new High Line” in Manhattan, NY and
it contains a synthesis of the passions and the skills developed during my
studies at the university.
My career started with the achievement of the Professional qualifications and
memberships needed to be licensed to practice in Italy and throughout the
European Union. After which I continued with practical experiences in architecture
firms, competitions and workshops.
My experience continues after the creation of my own firm as architect,
Graphic Designer and Photograper for each single category I have developed
experiences from university to work and now I can express my quality in each
of these fields.
alessandrosisto.firenze Alessandro Sisto iSistola Tumblr
p.iva 05779450484 contact: tel. FLR (+39) 338 8606410 tel. NYC (+1) 518 4969159